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  • The Gun Sculpture – A Travelling Exhibition

    Using a recycled and re-built, self-contained 53’ semi trailer, sail making and industrial tent technology, a travelling exhibition is being organised to promote peace making in communities.

    Learn more about the sculpture itself at www.gunsculpture.com

  • Beyond Green-Going Nature-al

    To celebrate the 35th Anniversary milestone of the practice, the firm published an eBook that surveys some of its most unique, award winning projects, including work completed in collaboration with others…

    Download the eBook


    INFILLHAUS is a thesis about urban infill and densification of mature neighborhoods. A relatively new concept in Edmonton, this archetype thus far typically transposes suburban development standards onto skinny lots – resulting in projects that are neither sympathetic nor in scale to these more established precincts in the City. This project explores innovation, compact, flexible living and environmental responsiveness in an urban densification context, with a lesser reliance on the automobile.


What's New

    Doctorate of Design

    Since September 2020, Barry Johns is pursuing a Doctorate of Design (DDes) at the University of Calgary, a practice based PhD which is the first of its kind in Canada. His research topic is Infill and missing middle typologies in mature urban neighborhoods focussed on creating community and an environment that fosters innovation and affordability, through new business models and respectful housing development via mass customization. The DDes draws upon reflection and evaluation of one’s own practice, plus broader research into relevant projects around the world. This complex subject in context with an aging Canadian population, dramatically changing demographics and anticipating how we might live in a post Covid-19 world; represents a new chapter in a rewarding career.


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