Dyde House Advocacy


Dyde House

As a Director of the Arthur Erickson Foundation, Barry Johns has been active alongside his colleagues on the Board as a steward of major Erickson projects, including hosting tours and giving talks at Robson Square, the Evergreen Building and advocating for the continued restoration and wise use of important Erickson works.

Barry and Trevor Boddy co-authored and produced a 30 minute documentary film with Sticks & Stones, videographers from Edmonton in 2020 on the Dyde House, one of Arthur’s first masonry houses and his only residence in Alberta. Now undergoing a quest for restoration at the University of Alberta Botanical Garden, the project was introduced and featured in the October 2020 APT (Association of Preservation Technologists) virtual conference in association with the National Trust for Canada and is being shown across the country is a series of scheduled lectures through 2021.